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Carry Bags

by Colibri

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Wet Bag

5" x 8" 12.7*20cm

Whether you go with the mini wet bag or the larger double duty wet/dry bag, these make padding on the go a breeze. Wet bags have a waterproof lining to discreetly carry used pads when changing pads on the go. Mini wet bags also make great cosmetic bags.

Happy Camper

Midnight Flower


Double Duty

Wet/Dry Bag

6.5" x 8.5" 16.5*21.6cm

Wet/dry bags have a waterproof section (top zipper) for used pads and a dry section (front zipper) for clean pads. These also make great toiletry bags.

Happy Camper



100% cotton outer, polurethane liner (waterproof), and lead and nickel free zippers.

Easy To Clean

Flip bag inside out, or pull the lining out. Machine wash cold / low dry, or hand wash and leave to air dry.

"Absolutely excited to get these. I will be getting a bunch in the future!"

~ Hannah