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Design Basics

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Fabric and Print Options

Choose your preferred pad top fabric from of cotton, organic cotton, or flannel prints for pad tops. The fleece backing and flannel wing tab colours are chosen randomly.

Pad Design

Pads are all-in-ones, nothing to stuff, add, or piece together, and are offered in both winged and wingless styles. Topped in your choice of high thread count soft cotton or cotton flannel, pads have double brushed flannel centre core layering and are backed by Polartec barrier fleece for leak-proofing (excluding panty liners) and have quilted channel stitching to direct the flow of moisture to the centre of the pad. Channel stitching only goes through the absorbent layers and not the fleece backing to prevent wicking. Much time and effort is taken in selecting quality print cottons and cotton flannels for an appealing look as well as quality functionality. The double brushed flannel (used in the core of the pads) is specifically designed for manufacturing high absorbency products. Elemental and thong panty liners are made of all cotton flannel in your choice of flannel or cotton tops. All-in-all New Moon Pads are very trim yet VERY absorbent.


Pads were originally offered in both regular and plush absorbency but now all are plush as the added protection doesn't add much to the thickness of the pad but does work wonderfully for extra comfort, coverage, and peace of mind.

Winged Pads

Classic Pads have the wing tabs sewn to the front of the pad to form a gently contoured shape when wrapped around to the underside. Wings are made of double-brushed flannel (colour chosen randomly) with white poly resin KAM snaps. Winged pads are approximately 3/4" narrower at the center with wing tabs snapped into place. New Moon Pads conform naturally to your shape when worn, forming a gentle U-shape from front to back for a comfortable natural fit.

Wingless Pads (available on request)

With wingless pads the fleece backing against snug fitting panty holds them in place. When using wingless pads you have to remember to hold onto the pad through the front of your panties when pulling them down.

Why Wing Tabs Instead Of Full Body Wings?

Simply put ...better comfort and fit. Wing tabs are much trimmer than full body wings to help keep the pad in place without pulling it out of shape. Full body wings tend to bunch and buckle the pad when snapped.

Ultra And Personal Pads

Wings on Ultra and Personal Pads are sewn to the back of the pad due to their innovative design for maximum side leak protection, featuring leak resistant side gussets. Ultra pads are a bit bulkier than the regular pads as they have a ridged area of leak resistant fleece along the sides to prevent overflow, designed specifically for those women who tend to side leak.

Fabrics ~ No PFAS (What are PFAS?)

Only 100% cotton fabrics are used for the pad tops and absorbency layering, and breathable Polartec barrier poly fleece (made from recycled soda bottles) is used for the leak resistant layering, the same fleece used in high end sportswear. Neither fabric is made with PFAS. Initial source manmade fabrics (synthetic fabrics not made from recycled products) such as Zorb or PUL are not used in New Moon Pads. With a true commitment to producing superior products for positive, healthy periods (as well as saving our environment), only the best quality fabrics are used to ensure longer than normal pad life, durability, comfort, and function.

Absorbent Fabrics ~ 100% Cotton

Flannel = Soft and warm.

Cotton = Smooth and cool.

Cotton Fleece = Soft and warm.

Leak Resistant Fabric ~ 100% Poly Polartec Fleece

Made from recycled soda bottles. Only used on the backs of pads so does not sit against skin. Colours chosen randomly.

Skin Sensitivities ~ Poly Alternative

For those who have sensitivities to poly, I offer the option of having the Classic Pads backed in 100% organic cotton fleece. Please keep in mind that cotton fleece is not leak-resistant, so pads backed with this fabric will need to be changed out more often to prevent leak-throughs. You can find this option towards the bottom of the Classic Pads page.

Custom Orders Welcome

I'm always happy to accommodate custom requests, where possible. Custom orders do not qualify for bundled discounts (only available at single pad regular retail pricing). New Moon Pads designs are tried and tested to give you the best quality and functionality available. I'm always happy to make suggestions on custom orders to keep quality standards high, but the final decisions are up to the customer. Custom requested designs are not covered under the New Moon Pads guarantee and are non-refundable.

Not All Pads Are Created Equal ~ Navigating The Minefield Of Choices

When shopping around for cloth menstrual pads be sure to check sizing dimensions, absorbency capabilities, whether or not they have a leakproof layer and what material is used (i.e. PUL or fleece), and design benefits (i.e. trim absorbency vs bulky absorbency). Different pad makers have different sizing scales. One pad maker’s large may be the equivalent of another pad maker’s small so you need to look at the actual dimensions. One thing to keep in mind, longer pads tend to feel more comfortable while offering better coverage. Beware of exceptionally short pads unless you are a petite body style.

Hand Crafted And Custom Made In Canada

Each pad is hand crafted and custom made in house in Comox, BC, Canada using fabrics sourced from Canada and the US.

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"I was looking for a healthy alternative to disposable pads and tampons as they can cause many problems with the female reproductive system, and found New Moon Pads. I love these pads. I have a regular flow, so I bought 2 average 3 piece sets. It has been a great experience!!! I have used these pads for over three years now, and they are working like new. No leaks, no worries! I would give 6 stars if I could on this review."

~ Maria