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Drying Straps

9 1/2" x 5/8" 24.2*1.58cm

USA & Int'l (USD)

Canada (CAD)

pair of drying straps

Drying straps make hang-drying your cloth pads as easy as can be. Just snap the strap around the shower curtain rod or hanger, then snap your pad to the strap by the wing snap. Fits any pad with size 20 KAM snaps (the size used on all New Moon Pads).


Burgundy grosgrain ribbon.

White resin KAM snaps.


What about traveling? I’m not sure how traveling with cloth pads would work.

New Moon Pads are actually very easy to care for while traveling. If you don’t have access to a laundry facility, they can be washed out easily by hand and hung to dry from a shower curtain rod or a hanger using cloth pad drying straps. Just rinse the pads until the water runs clear, wash them by hand in the sink with mild soap, making sure to rinse them well afterward, ring them out well, and hang them to dry. Another really easy way to clean them is to put them on the floor of the shower while you take your shower and walk all over them (yup, they can take it). Then just a quick hand scrub and rinse and that's it. All you need to bring extra are a few drying straps and/or clothes pins to hang them with and you're good to go. If you're camping, tent lines work great as a clothesline, or hang them from small tree limbs using the drying straps (if you're not shy). Most people wouldn't even have a clue anyway as to what they are... just tell them they're pot holders. ;o)

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Your products are amazing, and you provide 5 star customer service, and I'm very satisfied with all of my experiences ordering from your store! I will definitely be recommending you to others.

~ Rachael