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Trial Packs

Trial packs are a great way to test out several different sizes to see what works best for your specific needs.


Organics / Flannels / Cottons

  Ships to US & Int'l (USD)
  Ships to Canada (CAD)

Light (Petite)

1 New Moon (M)

1 Moon Light (S)

1 Maiden (XS)

Regular (Average)

1 Full Moon (L)

1 New Moon (M)

1 Moon Light (S)

Heavy (Tall/Plus)

1 Sleeper (XL)

1 Full Moon (L)

1 New Moon (M)

Pad Lengths

8" Maiden (XS)

9" Moon Light (S)

11" New Moon (M)

12" Full Moon (L)

13" Sleeper (XL)

Wingless available on request.

Tend to side leak?  Check out our ultra pads for the ultimate in side leak protection.