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Ultra Pads

Same sizing as Classic pads but with a unique design featuring wrap-around fleece backing which forms leak resistant side gussets, a ridged area of leak resistant fleece to prevent overflow.


Organics / Flannels / Cottons

  Ships to USA (USD)
  Ships to Canada (CAD)

       Maiden (XS)      8" x 3"

       Moon Light (S)  9" x 3.5"

       New Moon (M)  11" x 3.5"

       Full Moon (L)    12" x 4"

       Sleeper (XL)     13" x (5x3.5x5)"

Materials:  100% cotton, organic cotton, or flannel top, high absorbency cotton sherpa/flannel central layering, leak resistant barrier fleece backing, flannel wing tabs, white resin snaps.

Wingless available on request.

Did You Know?

Using cloth menstrual pads can potentially decrease period discomfort, skin irritation, risk of yeast infections, and menstrual flow (for shorter periods). Many who have made the switch report many or all of these changes in their monthly cycle.