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Trial Packs

$32 - $39 USD / $35 - $42 CAD

Light (Petite)

1 New Moon (M)

1 Moon Light (S)

1 Maiden (XS)

Regular (Avg)

1 Full Moon (L)

1 New Moon (M)

1 Moon Light (S)

Heavy (Tall/Plus)

1 Sleeper (XL)

1 Full Moon (L)

1 New Moon (M)

Trial packs are a great way to test out several different sizes to see what works best for your specific needs.

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Maiden / Goddess Bundles

$77 - $92 USD / $85 - $100 CAD

Maiden (Petite)

1 New Moon (M)

3 Moon Light (S)

2 Maiden (XS)

2 Elemental Liners

Supreme Goddess (Tall/Plus)

1 Sleeper (XL)

3 Full Moon (L)

2 New Moon (M)

2 Elemental Long Liners

If new to moon time, the Maiden Bundle or Pre-Teen Set is recommended.

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Pre-Teen Starter Set

$62 USD / $69 CAD

1 Moon Light (S)

3 Maiden (XS)

3 Elemental Panty Liners

Because sometimes Mother Nature comes calling early. This also makes a great little panty liner stash.

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Postpartum Bundle

$83 USD / $90 CAD

2 Ultra Sleepers (XL)

3 Classic Sleepers (XL)

Cloth pads can help ease discomfort and irritation after childbirth.

Pad Tip  

Chilling a pad in the freezer prior to use helps soothe tender swollen sensitive areas.

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Week Pack

Elemental Panty Liners

$53 - $60 USD / $60 - $67 CAD

7 Elemental Panty Liners


8" (regular)

10" (long)

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On any combination of sizes using the purchase buttons below.

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12 + Pads = 15% Refund

Appropriate percentage will be refunded when your order comes through. Refunds apply only to pads purchased using the Build-A-Bundle purchase buttons below. All other items in the order will be at regular price.

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Pads are winged

Wingless available on request.

Did You Know?

New Moon Pads cloth menstrual pads pay for themselves in just 1-2 years from the cost of disposables and last up to 10 years, which means you get 8-9 years of cost free menstrual protection.

Goddess (Avg)

1 Full Moon (L)

3 New Moon (M)

2 Moon Light (S)

2 Elemental Liners

We all have an

inner goddess.

Go ahead.

Be decadent.

Pamper yours!