Free Shipping

Monthly Sampler Pack

With the current rate of inflation it can be difficult to make ends meet. With that in mind, I'm offering monthly free shipping on Classic Pad Sampler Packs to make building your pad stash more affordable. Packs consist of three different randomly chosen prints in a combination of cotton and flannel.

Sampler Packs are purchased independently of our regular products and, as they already ship free, do not count toward the minimum purchase for site-wide free shipping. Limit one free shipping pack per customer/address per month. Prints may differ from those shown.

Light (Petite)

1 New Moon (M) 11"

1 Moon Light (S) 9"

1 Maiden (XS) 8"

Regular (Average)

1 Full Moon (L) 12"

1 New Moon (M) 11"

1 Moon Light (S) 9"

Heavy (Tall/Plus)

1 Sleeper (XL) 13"

1 Full Moon (L) 12"

1 New Moon (M) 11"

USA & Int'l (USD)

Canada (CAD)

Prefer Wingless Pads?

Just let me know after placing your order which pads you would like without wings.

Tend to side leak?

Check out our Ultra Pads for the ultimate in side leak protection.

"I’ve ordered from New Moon twice now and my only regret is that I didn’t find these sooner. I am so happy with the quality, customer service and the ease of ordering. I HIGHLY recommend ordering as you won’t regret your purchase."

~ Keri