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100% GOTS Certified

Organic Cotton Fleece

Pad Boosters

Regular 8" x 3"     Long 10" x 3"

USA & Int'l (USD)
Canada Only (CAD)
Reusable organic pad boosters

The Pad-ticulars

Works with any cloth pad system.

Double thick soft plush organic cotton fleece pad boosters are perfect for those who prefer organic next to their skin, or when extra absorbency is needed (ie., long nights, etc.).  Just lay on top of any pad, the fleece fabric against the pad fabric prevents them from slipping.

Materials: 100% GOTS certified natural organic cotton fleece.

Pads are made with all new fabrics so there will be some initial shrinkage with laundering.  Final shrinkage will be approximately 5%.

Optional: These can be used as is, or you can dye them using fruits, vegetables, and plants to get some pretty wonderful colours naturally.

vegetable dyes
Reusable Wet/Dry Storage Bags

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