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Custom Classic Pads

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The Pad-ticulars

Classic Pads have the wing tabs sewn to the front of the pad (to form a gentle contoured shape when wrapped around to the underside).  Only high quality fabrics are used for exceptional absorbency, breathability and leak resistance, offering the ultimate in comfort and protection.  Soft, absorbent, beautiful and comfortable.  Your moon time will never be the same!

Materials: 100% cotton, organic cotton, or flannel top.  High absorbency cotton sherpa/flannel central layering.  Breathable leak-resistant Polartec barrier fleece backing.  Winged pads have flannel wing tabs with white resin snaps.

Pads are winged by default.  If choosing wingless, that option selection will be noted in the shopping cart.  Pads are 3/4" narrower at centre with wings snapped into place.  Pads are made with all new fabrics so there will be some initial shrinkage with laundering.  Final shrinkage will be approximately 5%.

Reusable Wet/Dry Storage Bags

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Did You Know?

On average, 10,000 to 15,000 disposable menstrual products would be thrown away over the estimated 40 years from puberty to menopause.  Compare that to cloth.  If purchasing 20 to 25 cloth pads every 10 years, only 80 to 100 cloth pads total would be needed.