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Postpartum Set

Using cloth pads can help ease discomfort and irritation after childbirth.  When cool soothing comfort is needed, place pad in the freezer for half an hour before wearing.  Alternatively, wearing a warm pad straight from the dryer (or after leaving it out in the sun) can help ease cramping.

  Ships US & Int'l (USD)
  Ships Canada Only (CAD)

2 Ultra Sleepers (XL)

3 Classic Sleepers (XL)

Wingless available on request.

Tend to side leak?  Check out our Ultra Pads for the ultimate in side leak protection.

Sizing For Body Style & Suggested Quantities

Where your body style (top row) intersects with your flow needs (left-hand column) determines recommended pad sizes.  The quantities recommended are also listed in the left-hand column.

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