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The Pad Bank Project

Due to COVID-19 I am currently diverting my philanthropic resources to the Pad Bank Project to assist sisters in Canada who cannot afford menstrual protection. Most of New Moon Pads' philanthropic endeavours in the past have gone off-continent, but it's time to bring it home. Going without menstrual supplies is just something we shouldn't have to deal with. If you're going through a hardship and need supplies, I'll do what I can to help you out. This works on the honour system. Please apply for pad bank assistance only if you are in genuine dire economic need.

 Sister Pads (CAD)

Gifting "Sister Pads" to the Pad Bank Project helps get more pads out to more sisters in need. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please note that personal orders must total over the free shipping minimum before adding in pad donations to qualify for free shipping.

How To Apply To Receive Pads


If you are able to purchase pads on your own, I ask that you do so and leave the pad bank pads for those that have no financial ability to pay. Resources are limited as I run a small home-based business and would like to see the pads go to those most in need.

For those who receive pad bank pads, if you find yourself able to help someone else out in some way, please consider paying the kindness forward. We are all one community, and looking out for each other is what connects us in the most meaningful way.

Accepted requests will receive a 3-pack of pads in prints and sizes chosen randomly. Some packs may contain seconds or a crooked stitch here or there, which doesn't affect function (I'm utilizing all options to get as many pads out to those who need them as I possibly can).


Please include:

- Your full name

- Canadian mailing address

- A brief description of your situation

(I don't judge, this just helps to prioritize the applications)

pad bank pads

For their kind generosity in gifting pads

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