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Flannel Wipes

7" x 7"

USA & Int'l (USD)

Canada (CAD)

Treat yourself to the luxury of soft, absorbent flannel cloth wipes. Wipes are single-ply, made with all new fabrics, so there will be some initial shrinkage with laundering. Final shrinkage will be approximately 5%.


100% cotton flannel.


100% Cotton Flannel

Soft and warm, like flannel jammies.


Extra Absorbency Pad Doublers

Fold and place on top of any pad system for added absorbency.  Change out as needed.

Feminine Wipes

Soft, gentle care for those sensitive areas. If you experience vaginal itching and dryness, using cloth wipes can help ease discomfort and irritation, especially if dampened with warm water before use.

Bidet Cloths

The healthier, more environmentally friendly option over regular TP. Especially helpful if suffering from hemorrhoids. Using bidet cloths in tandem with a portable bidet eases irritation, pain, and itching. Did you know? Most of the world uses bidets. Only in North America is it uncommon. It takes 37 gallons of water to make just ONE roll of toilet paper!

Hand Cloths

Single use, then launder.  No more sharing the community bathroom hand towels. Seriously fights the spread of germs.


Paper tissues always seem to disintegrate in your hand, making the cloth option far more hygienic. And no more red, irritated noses!

Unpaper Towels

Replaces disposable kitchen towels, giving you unbeatable scrubbing and absorption power that paper towels just can't compete with.

Pet Paw Wipes

Let's face it, as much as we love them, our furry little four-legged friends aren't the greatest at wiping their feet, so we have to do it for them.


Cloth napkins do a much better job than paper alternatives.

Face Cloths

Use for gentle makeup removal and facial spa care.

Cleaning Cloths

Use for everything from windows to dusting to polishing.

Baby Wipes

Because your little ones deserve the softest, gentlest care option.

"I was very impressed with my first order. They are so wonderfully made. Little by little I will have to build my stash. I'm looking forward to receiving them."

~ Aimie