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Classic 3-Pack Offer

Free Shipping Worldwide

No minimum order required.

No limits for Canada/US.

Limit one free shipping 3-pack per month per international customer/address.

Due to the volatile economy worldwide, I've been looking for a way to help ease a bit of the financial stress for my customers. With that in mind, I've chosen to offer special free shipping worldwide on 3-packs of regular Classic Pads so you can order just a few pads whenever you can afford them without incurring multiple shipping charges. You choose which size and print you want (all pads in the pack will be matching) and there will be no shipping, zero, zilch, nada.

USA & Int'l (USD)

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Canada (CAD)

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Because of the coding to eliminate the shipping charge, if combined with other products, the total of the C3PO (yes, that really is its acronym!) will not count towards the full order total to get free shipping, so I will have to adjust that manually. If adding the C3PO to an existing order and the product total is over $49, any shipping charges will be refunded when the order comes through.


If combining with other products, shipping charges will apply. Due to the high cost of shipping to international destinations, there is a limit of one free shipping 3-pack per month per international customer/address.