Swim Liners

7" x 3"

A bit of a twist on standard pads, swim liners are designed not with absorbency in mind but simply as a trim fitting leak barrier.  Swim liners are also a great backup for the sea sponge or menstrual cup.  Wingless and whisper thin, they are completely discreet and undetectable to anyone else.  Available in wingless only.

Materials: 100% cotton, organic cotton, or flannel top, leak resistant fleece backing.  

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Mesh Laundry Bag

12" x 9 1/2

Wash small items in this handy mesh laundry bag to avoid losing them in the washer or dryer.  

Price is for bag only.

Facial pads not included.

  Ships to US & Int'l (USD)
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Did You Know?

It takes approximately 500 years for one disposable menstrual pad to partially biodegrade.