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Orders over $100 receive

a FREE Wet/Dry Colibri Bag!

Ends Midnight Mon Dec 7th

Canadian Military Discount

20% OFF

Discounted Prices Shown

  Ships to Canada (CAD)
  Ships to Canada (CAD)


11.99  9.59

12.99  10.39

13.99  11.19

14.99  11.99

16.99  13.59


9.99  7.99

10.99  8.79

8.99  7.19

8" Maiden (XS)

9" Moon Light (S)

11" New Moon (M)

12" Full Moon (L)

13" Sleeper (XL)


8" Regular Liner

10" Long Liner

6" Thong Liner


13.99  11.19

14.99  11.99

15.99  12.79

16.99  13.59

18.99  15.19


11.99  9.59

12.99  10.39

10.99  8.79

Who qualifies?

Active and retired Canadian military personnel, spouses, dependents, and veterans.  Submit a digital photo of your military ID either before or after placing your order

Wait...what about privacy?

Please feel free to black out any information on your military ID photo except what is needed to register (the ID number and your name is all we need to see).

Do I have to resubmit ID for each order?

Not at all.  For your convenience we will keep your military ID and mailing address on file for future orders.  Once your ID has been submitted just let us know each time you place an order that we have your ID on file.  You can request to have your information deleted at any time.

Privacy Policy

At New Moon Pads your privacy is important. Your personal information will never be sold, traded, given out, or used for any purpose other than directly related to New Moon Pads.

To all those who are serving, have served, or have sacrificed so that your military family member could serve ...thank you!


Now Available in "Plush"

"Plush" has additional internal absorbency, recommended for heavier flow, overnight, or just added peace of mind when you need to go longer between pad changes.

Wingless available on request.

Tend to side leak?  Check out our Ultra Pads for the ultimate in side leak protection.

Sizing For Body Style

& Suggested Quantities

Where your body style (top row) intersects with your flow needs (left-hand column) determines recommended pad sizes.  The quantities recommended are also listed in the left-hand column.