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With the current pandemic situation our "normal" is quickly changing.  Here you'll find suggestions, tips, tricks, and answers to frequently asked questions to help you navigate a more isolated lifestyle until it's safe again to resume our regular activities.  And heck...these are lifestyle changes that you can adopt permanently because they're just so great!

Some subjects may seem like TMI but for when these subjects need to be addressed, honesty and clarity is the best way to go.


That's just a given.  Using cloth means never having to depend on disposables ever again.

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Travel bidets are a must have.  When toilet paper shortages hit worldwide, many were left in a state of panic.  Contrary to what many think, there is a far less "ick" factor to bidets than there is to toilet paper.  Once the bidet is used, there's very little left for the bidet cloth to take care of.  Using a bidet keeps you "shower fresh" all the time.  We personally have a travel bidet in each of our two washrooms, with designated bidet cloths.  Bidet cloths can be stored in a basket or container within easy reach and keep a small flip-top garbage pail (or any lidded container) beside the toilet for used cloths until time to launder.  Brondell makes an excellent travel bidet but there are lots of different ones on the market so you have choices.

Instructions From Brondell

The Brondell GoSpa travel bidet is the easiest way to take the refreshing cleanse of a bidet wash on the go. The GoSpa travel bidet fits conveniently in your briefcase, purse, suitcase or glove box for an instant bidet wash anywhere, anytime. The discreet carrying bag and easy store nozzle make the GoSpa a perfect solution every time. Simply fill with cool or warm water, screw on the cap, point the ergonomic nozzle in the correct direction and squeeze the soft bottle to get a cleansing posterior or feminine bidet wash when you need it.  


We use hand cloths instead of hand towels in our washrooms so that nobody shares the same towel.  Once a hand cloth is used it gets tossed into the "dirty" container and when full it gets dumped straight into the washing machine.  This isn't new for us, we've been doing this for as long as I can remember.

Our Downstairs Bathroom

I have a very gifted friend who handmade the custom signs for our hand cloths (clean/dirty).

Bidet and designated bidet cloths are kept in the bottom drawer of the cabinet within easy access.


Ditch the paper towels for a reusable alternative.  Buy cloth wipes or make them yourself using old sheets, towels, etc.  As long as the material is 100% absorbent fabric (like cotton flannel), it can be used as a paper towel replacement.  Keep your unpaper towels in a basket on the counter or in a kitchen drawer for quick access.  


Don't always have access to a regular washer and dryer?  Here are a couple of great alternatives that allow you to do small loads at home without having to hit the laundromat.  The Scrubba and the Wonder Wash.  Both use muscle power rather than grid power (but not too much muscle...they're actually pretty easy to use).  We currently have a Scrubba and take it camping with us.  We just add the dirty laundry right into the Scrubba bag and when there's enough to wash we add the water and soap and voila!  Clean laundry in no time.  The Wonder Wash is on our wish list but I don't think it will be very long before we own one of those as well.



Did you know that vinegar is almost as effective as bleach for disinfecting?  Bleach is hard on the environment and our health.  Vinegar is a natural product that doesn't have the same negative impact as bleach.  For disinfecting, wash area with warm soapy water, then go over the area again with a rag soaked with vinegar (straight up, not diluted).  And vinegar is AMAZING for cleaning windows!  We also use it as a fabric softener in the laundry.

NOTE:  Vinegar will NOT kill the coronavirus.  Instead, warm soapy water, bleach, or disinfecting wipes are recommended.


Mix 2 parts rubbing alcohol with

1 part aloe vera gel.  Pour into a bottle to dispense as needed (an old pump bottle thoroughly cleaned works well).  Do not use essential oils as these dilute the recipe and you need the correct ratio of alcohol to aloe gel to kill germs effectively while not drying out your skin.


Solar ovens "harness the natural power of the sun to cook or bake unbelievably the most delicious food while being prepared for an emergency, reducing energy costs and benefiting the environment around the world".

~ Sun Oven

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Cleaning cast iron has never been easier.  Ditch the brillo style disposable scrubbers and treat yourself to one that won't rust or leave little metal slivers in your fingers.  These work great on stainless steel (like the Instant Pot pots) and cast iron.

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