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Hourglass design for added coverage front and back featuring leak resistant side gussets to prevent overflow.

Extra center layering with channel stitching for stability, comfort, and maximum centralized absorption.  Three times more center absorbency layering than Classic and Ultra Pads.

You won't believe how trim these fit even with all that amazing protection.

Easy to use, easy to change out, easy care.

Did You Know?

Putting a cloth pad on straight from the dryer while it's still warm (or leaving it in the sun to warm up) helps to ease menstrual cramps.

"My mom refused to consider any kind of personal protection until

I sent her some of these pads.  

She was embarrassed and refused to talk about her problem.  She loves these pads so much she "over-shares" with people now."

~ Kristin

"Feminism is the radical

notion that women are people."

~ Charis Kramarae

Personal Pad

Wing Tabs

Personal Pads

Customizable Widths

5" (3 1/2" at center)  

6" (4" at center)  

Customizable Lengths

13, 15, or 17”

Customizable Contour Placement

Center:  As shown in picture.

Offset:  Pad is 2” longer on one end than the other from the center of the contour, for those who prefer to have the pad sit further forward or further back.  Personal pads are approximately 1/2" thick.

For postpartum, urinary incontinence,

or any exceptionally heavy flow that

just needs more absorbency and coverage than standard pads can accommodate.  

Materials:  100% cotton, organic cotton, or flannel top, high absorbency flannel central layering, leak resistant barrier fleece backing, flannel wing tabs, white resin snaps.

Personal pads are specialty custom pads and, due to health regulations, are not returnable so please review your shopping cart prior to placing your order to be sure you've ordered the correct size and style for your needs.  Designed large for heavier incontinence issues.  For mild stress incontinence (leaking when sneezing, coughing, etc.) the Classic or Ultra pads may be a better option.

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Incontinence Pads

For exceptionally heavy flow, postpartum, and

urinary incontinence.  Called "Personal Pads" on

all sales receipts and/or invoices for discretion.

All Personal pads are winged.  Request wingless.

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