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Wet / Dry Carry Bag

$13 USD / $14 CAD

8" x 5 1/2"

Leak resistant drawstring carry bag

with toggle closure for used pads when

out and about.  Just fold pads in on

themselves and put into the bag as is

and then into the laundry or soaking pot

when you get home.  Hand launder in

warm water with mild soap and hang to dry.

Wipes & Hankies   4-Pack

$11 USD / $12 CAD

8" x 8"

Nothing beats the gentleness of soft cloth compared to paper TP and tissues.  Paper TP and tissues, no matter how soft the feel, are still made of wood fibres and are loaded with chemicals which irritate and abrade your skin.

If you experience vaginal itching and dryness, using cloth wipes can help ease discomfort and irritation, especially if dampened with warm water before use.


Flannel for wipes, thicker with faster absorbency uptake.  Cotton for hankies, lighter for extra gentleness.

Breast / Nursing Pads   2-Pack

$11 USD / $12 CAD

4 1/2" Diameter  

Topped in your choice of flannel or cotton

print with center flannel absorbency layering

and backed with leak resistant barrier fleece.

A great alternative to disposable breast pads which can cause breast infections due to the plastics and dioxins used in their manufacturing.  Who would have thought something this soft and comfortable could work so well?

Did You Know?

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of ovarian and pre-menopausal

breast cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

~ La Leche League

Pad Pouch

$3.50 USD / $4 CAD

5" x 3 1/2"

Facial Pads   6-Pack

$11 USD / $12 CAD

4" x 4"

Treat yourself to

softness and luxury

while saving money.

Chino Canvas Bag

$38 USD / $39 CAD

19" Tall x 12" Wide x 8" Deep

This is a wonderfully versatile

sturdy canvas bag which can be

used for anything from hiking,

camping, boating, beach going,

airplane carry-on, pad stashing,

or anything else you can come

up with.  Machine washable.  

Features double handles, drawstring closure, adjustable shoulder strap and a velcro closure outer pocket.  Generously sized, it has a flat rectangular bottom to easily stand on it's own.

This item does not ship to international destinations (ships to US and Canada only).

Most of the world uses bidets.  

Only in North America is it uncommon.

It takes 37 gallons of water to make ONE roll of toilet paper.

Facial pads can be washed and reused over and over.  Use them to remove makeup, clean facial skin, apply creams, anything for which you would regularly use cotton balls or tissues.  Topped in flannel or cotton print backed by organic cotton fleece.

Flip top pouches to carry clean individual XS to L pads so you can tuck them in small places like your pocket.  Washable, reusable.  Fold pad and place inside of pouch, then flip top over to close.

Drying Straps   2-Pack

$6.50 USD / $7 CAD

10" x 5/8"  

To hang dry, snap the strap around the

shower curtain rod or a hanger then snap

your pad to the strap by the wing snap.  

Nebula PUL

Ooga Booga PUL

Fits any pads with a size 20 KAM snap (the size used on all New Moon Pads).

  Ships to Canada (CAD)
  Ships to US & Int'l (USD)


Please note that "Print Choice" options

do not apply to carry bags, drying straps,

or chino canvas bags.

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